Top 10 Reasons Why Posture Exercises Are Effective for Chronic Pain Treatment

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If you’re reading this article, you or a loved one might be suffering from chronic pain such as ankle pain, back pain, hip pain, knee pain, neck pain and shoulder pain. You or this loved one might be saddled with other kinds of chronic pain conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, cubital tunnel syndrome, headaches and migraines, or sciatica.

Perhaps you’ve read or heard about posture exercises, which are highly effective in improving posture by helping fix misalignment in the body’s load-bearing joints, which encompass the shoulders, hips, knees and ankles.

Just how effective are posture exercises for chronic pain treatment? Speaking as someone who put an eraser to chronic back pain and neck pain as well as carpal tunnel syndrome and cubital tunnel syndrome and has helped others free themselves from the wicked clutches of chronic pain, thanks to posture exercises practice, I believe they’re extremely effective.

Let’s explore the top 10 reasons why posture exercises such as the ones in the Posture Exercises Method are effective for chronic pain treatment.

Exploring the Top 10 Reasons Why Posture Exercises Are Effective for Chronic Pain Treatment

1. Posture exercises are effective for chronic pain treatment because they help correct chronic pain causes, namely suboptimal major-joint alignment. For many, a tilted pelvis and/or uneven or rotated hip joints represent the origin of musculoskeletal dysfunction, setting off posture deviations up, down and across the body. By helping realign the shoulders, hips, knees and ankles and improving overall posture, posture exercises are the ultimate way to address chronic pain causes while chasing away chronic pain symptoms. Traditional chronic pain treatments, meanwhile, are ineffective because they fail to target chronic pain causes.

True and lasting chronic pain treatment is certainly needed, after all, as chronic pain affects 20 percent of adults, according to a study published on the U.S. National Library of Medicine website.

2. Posture exercises are also effective for chronic pain treatment because they satisfy the body’s need for motion. The body is designed to move, and this motion requirement must be met. Most exercise programs work some highly visible muscles such as the abdominals, chest, arms and thighs but overlook deep posture muscles, needed to sit, stand, walk, run and jump well. All the bulging biceps in the world can’t help the body recruit the necessary muscles for you to move correctly, optimally and efficiently.

3. Posture exercises may be safely done every day to help keep muscles loose and strong. A lot of chronic pain treatments such as chiropractic care and massage therapy might offer slight and temporary relief from the sting of chronic pain such as back pain, but practically no one pursuing these chronic pain treatments are getting bodywork done every day. Posture exercises help provide lubrication to the load-bearing joints and muscles, giving the body chronic pain relief in the moment, throughout the day and into the next day.

Discover What Makes the Posture Exercises Method So Effective in Eliminating Chronic Pain

Powerful and specially designed posture exercises target all the causes of compensation, limitation, functional loss and chronic pain that might affect your body, producing symptoms from neck pain and back pain all the way to knee pain and carpal tunnel syndrome.

4. Posture exercises are effective for chronic pain treatment because they are safe to do. Unlike some yoga poses such as downward dog and tree pose, which may be considered to be unsafe and dangerous for those suffering from moderate to extreme musculoskeletal dysfunction (and these states cover the majority of people), posture exercises such as the ones in the Posture Exercises Method are safe to do for everyone from 5-year-old children to 100-year-old great-great-grandparents. The result is confidence in engaging in posture exercises, helping boost one’s ability to make doing posture exercises an everyday lifestyle practice.

5. Posture exercises feel intuitive to do. I and many Posture Exercises Method clients have remarked how posture exercises feel just right for the body, helping underscore their effectiveness as a chronic pain treatment. Our intuition serves as a kind of inner GPS, and when posture exercises click with our bodies, we gravitate toward them to provide pain relief and peak performance.

6. Posture exercises feel naturally beneficial to the body as a chronic pain treatment. Even folks suffering from extreme musculoskeletal dysfunction and chronic pain are amazed with how some of the gentlest posture exercises can make them experience tremendous pain relief—and have them standing straighter and taller than they have in years or, perhaps, ever.

7. Posture exercises can start improving posture and load-bearing joint alignment from the first day onward. Posture Exercises Method clients, for example, experience a positive posture change on their first day of practice, with additional routines helping them progress as their body is able to handle poses and movements that are considered to be more challenging. Most, if not all, other exercise programs cannot match this claim, casting doubt on their true effectiveness as a chronic pain treatment option.

Woman doing push-ups - Posture Exercises Method

8. Because posture exercises can serve as an everyday exercise program, thanks to their scalability, they comprise an extremely effective chronic pain treatment option for a person today as well as decades from now. As someone who’s experienced extraordinary gains in physical health since 2010 because of my posture exercises practice, I am committed to making my practice an everyday lifestyle approach.

9. Posture exercises routines may be tailored to your body’s exact needs. Posture Exercises Method clients, for example, receive posture exercises routines designed to help them progress based on their current major-joint alignment and posture. The result is a personalized approach that stands alone compared with alternative chronic pain treatment solutions such as Pilates and yoga.

10. Investing in a top-flight posture exercises program such as the Posture Exercises Method is highly affordable, making receiving uniquely individualized routines cost-effective compared with other chronic pain treatments. Compared with surgical options—with back surgery fetching upward of $100,000, knee replacement commanding $57,000 and hip replacement costing $32,000—the Posture Exercises Method is an absolute bargain. Many make choices based on budgets, and, at $165 for a supplemental session, with discounts available on packages of 10 and 5 supplemental sessions, the Posture Exercises Method represents a chronic pain treatment solution just about anyone can afford.

Why the Posture Exercises Method Offers the Top Posture Exercises Experience

The Posture Exercises Method is steeped in the teachings of a postural-alignment institute and leading-edge independent posture specialists but has been emboldened with original thinking from creator Brian Rossiter.

Brian Rossiter suffered from chronic pain—back pain, neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and cubital tunnel syndrome—from 2000 to 2010, when he began doing posture exercises. His pain began to scale back right away before disappearing after several months of practice.

Brian Rossiter became schooled in hundreds of posture exercises in 2016, when he earned certification as a postural alignment specialist, and has since reimagined many of them while developing new movements in building his own unique and revolutionary approach to posture exercises. By trailblazing with his own approach, Brian Rossiter has been able to achieve a level of posture integrity that surpasses the level he was able to attain by simply following guidance from postural therapists adhering to a single school of thought.

A posture coach and performance coach, Brian Rossiter is adept at working with clients of all ages, including children and senior citizens, and physical capabilities. He can produce routines of powerful posture exercises that can be scaled to suit your abilities at the present time while ensuring you progress to take on exercises of greater demand farther down your healing road.

With a Posture Exercises Method practice, you’ll be primed to achieve pain relief and peak performance in all you do. Get your life back and do the things you love with a Posture Exercises Method practice!

Invest in Yourself and Start Your Journey to a Pain-Free and High-Performance Life!

If you’re like most folks who explore the Posture Exercises Method, you’re tired of dealing with grueling chronic pain and a life full of limitations. You have the power to start feeling fantastic by embracing the Posture Exercises Method’s life-changing routines now.​

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Share This Story to Help Loved Ones Enjoy Pain-Free & High-Performance Lives

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