15-Minute Beginner Routine

The 15-Minute Beginner Routine is intended for those new to the Posture Exercises Method who want to sample some Posture Exercises Method movements before committing to an Initial Session and Supplemental Sessions with Brian Rossiter by video chat.


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The 15-Minute Beginner Routine Offers a Small Sampling of Introductory Posture Exercises Method Movements

The 15-Minute Beginner Routine is designed to introduce you to the Posture Exercises Method.

This basic routine can propel you to want to advance deeper on your journey to pain relief and peak performance by working with Posture Exercises Method creator Brian Rossiter during an Initial Session followed by Supplemental Sessions.

The 15-Minute Beginner Routine includes seven Posture Exercises Method movements, poses and stretches that take about 15 minutes to complete. With this routine, you’ll receive images and written descriptions.

Initial and Supplemental Sessions, featuring one-on-one verbal communication on exercise nuances and form suggestions as the client is taken through exercise routines, offer the best results.

The posture exercises included in the 15-Minute Beginner Routine are basic but effective exercises that will give you best results if done daily shortly after waking.

On its own, this limited routine is not designed to significantly reduce or eliminate deep-seated joint-alignment and posture conditions but may help you experience mild pain relief and improved performance.

If you have your mind set on achieving pain relief and peak performance, know that this indeed is possible, but you will require an Initial Session and Supplemental Sessions. Discounts are available on a Package of 5 Supplemental Sessions and Package of 10 Supplemental Sessions.

15-Minute Beginner Routine Features

The 15-Minute Beginner Routine features an introductory Posture Exercises Method routine, with images and written descriptions.

Share to Help Loved Ones Find Natural Health Items They'd Benefit From and Enjoy

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