How Chronic Pain Causes Develop

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If you’re suffering from chronic pain, you might certainly wonder how chronic pain causes develop in the first place.

Whether you’re suffering from chronic neck pain, chronic shoulder pain, chronic back pain, chronic hip pain, chronic knee pain and/or chronic ankle pain—or perhaps carpal tunnel syndrome or cubital tunnel syndrome—it is important to understand how chronic pain causes develop if you want to get better.

Let’s take a good look at how chronic pain causes arise and what you can do about them to find chronic pain relief through embrace of specially crafted posture exercises such as the ones in the Posture Exercises Method.

What Causes Chronic Pain?

So just what causes chronic pain?

Chronic pain is generally triggered by posture deviations in the body’s eight load-bearing joints—shoulders, hips, knees and ankles—producing suboptimal posture.

These posture deviations can result from acute injuries such as sprained ankles that can force people off their feet for some time.

Posture deviations can also result from longtime misuse of the body such as by craning your neck down while reading and/or looking at a mobile phone for hours a day.

Chronic pain can also stem from injuries that result in damaged bones, joints, ligaments and muscles, for example, resulting in a body that isn’t whole.

Birth defects must be accounted for, of course, but birth defects affect 3 percent of the population, with only some contributing to chronic pain causes.

Discover What Makes the Posture Exercises Method So Effective in Eliminating Chronic Pain

Powerful and specially designed posture exercises target all the causes of compensation, limitation, functional loss and chronic pain that might affect your body, producing symptoms from neck pain and back pain all the way to knee pain and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Causes of Chronic Pain Can Result in Limitation, Compensation and Functional Loss in the Body

It’s critical to understand that the causes of chronic pain can result from a series of ever-worsening conditions in the body.

Let’s unwind the aforementioned example of a sprained ankle to break down what this means.

Imagine that you are playing football while wearing improper footwear such as walking shoes, without adequate “sides” support, and rolled your ankle, resulting in swelling and an excessive amount of pain.

This pain will force you to walk gingerly for several days or even a couple of weeks, depending on the severity of the injury. This is called compensation.

Because you’re in pain, you’re likely to restrict your movement as much as possible to help avoid feeling intense pain symptoms and to give yourself an opportunity to heal effectively. This is referred to as limitation.

So with compensation for an achy ankle producing chain reactions up, down and across the body, affecting your other major joints such as the hip and knee joints as well as overall posture, and with limitation keeping you on the sidelines of life, your body is losing its ability to function. This is known as functional loss.

If you think that acute injuries can’t result in chronic pain, you would be enlightened to learn about how my clients’ notable injuries have brought on remarkable levels of compensation, limitation and functional loss in their bodies, steering them to the throes of chronic pain.

For some of these clients, it was moving boxes on a single occasion that led to their suffering from devastating back pain for decades.

For some other clients, however, the causes of chronic pain surfaced gradually, with their bodies unwinding from their original, or natural, posture over some time. In modern living, this happens more than you might imagine, especially when you consider the amount of time people spend sitting in chairs that aren’t suitable or ideal for their body’s size and posture as well as using equipment such as computer keyboards, mice and trackpads.

Chronic Back Pain Causes and Chronic Lower-Back Pain Causes Can Lead to Painful Symptoms

When exploring chronic pain causes, it’s worthwhile to examine, momentarily, chronic back pain causes and chronic lower-back pain causes in particular, as many people are seeking answers about this information.

One thing I want to bring to your attention that might shock you is that the position of your pelvis and position and relationship of your hip joints almost certainly is impacting your chronic back pain causes, including chronic lower-back pain causes.


You see, the misalignment of the pelvis and/or hip joints negatively impacts practically everyone alive. This misalignment leads to femurs that turn inward or outward, causing knees and toes to point off anywhere other than straight forward, like 12 o’clock on a watch. Many wind up with wide stances, with their feet spaced much farther than hip width apart, the ideal position.

With this wide stance comes increased pressure on the back, shoulders and neck, leading to chronic back pain and other kinds of chronic pain conditions.

This picture I’ve painted can take on many different forms and shades, and this is why everyone’s posture story is unique.

To get well, people need a tailor-made approach in receiving the kind of help that will produce true and lasting changes.

I want to end this article section with another shocking statement: Your chronic back pain causes or chronic lower-back pain causes very well might have nothing to do with your back at all.

To get well, you need a whole-body approach, with special kinds of posture exercises offering a ticket to the land of wellness by correcting chronic back pain causes to help eliminate chronic back pain symptoms.

Silhouette of woman riding bicycle - Posture Exercises Method

Chronic pain causes can be linked to specific injuries or gradual effects. If you suffer from shoulder pain, cubital tunnel syndrome or other chronic pain conditions, know that you can reduce the symptoms of or completely eliminate chronic pain symptoms by embracing the Posture Exercises Method’s incredibly powerful poses, stretches and movements. In time, you’ll stand to gain peak performance in your body and simply feel fantastic, perhaps even getting back to riding a bike.

Posture Exercises Can Help Eliminate Chronic Pain Causes and Symptoms

If you’re suffering from chronic pain causes that are producing some seriously intense chronic pain symptoms, you certainly want to get well—and now.

Posture exercises such as the finely imagined ones in the Posture Exercises Method can help reduce the symptoms of and, in best-case scenario, even eliminate chronic pain causes.

In returning to the example of chronic back pain causes, for a moment, you stand, with embrace of a regular posture exercises practice, to correct a tilted pelvis and uneven and rotated hip joints as well as misaligned shoulders in taking care of business. Yes, you see, although your back might feel as if it’s on fire, when you produce posture photos, with your body examined using plumb lines, deeper stories about your chronic pain causes emerge.

When it’s plainly apparent that your body’s musculoskeletal dysfunction up, down and across your body is enabling some painful chronic pain symptoms to haunt you, you are in position to improve in health by correcting these chronic pain causes.

Posture Exercises Can Realign the Body's Joints and Posture, Helping Put an End to Chronic Pain Causes and Preventing the Onset of Chronic Pain Symptoms

It’s no secret that tens to hundreds of millions of Americans are affected by chronic pain. In fact, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports 11 to 40 percent of adults complain about chronic pain. Chronic pain causes are leading to chronic pain symptoms such as ankle pain, back pain, hip pain, knee pain, neck pain and shoulder pain plus carpal tunnel syndrome, cubital tunnel syndrome, headaches and migraines, and sciatica.

Would you be interested to know that posture exercises can not only help realign the body’s load-bearing joints, helping correct posture and spelling the end of the bad movie you’ve been enduring by way of chronic pain, but help prevent the onset of chronic pain symptoms?

Make no mistake about it: Posture correction exercises can help people prevent from ever feeling the kind of chronic neck pain, chronic back pain and other conditions affecting so many globally because your body will simply be in better position.

Let’s look at athletes, many of whom have wide stances and wildly rotated femurs, with their kneecaps shooting off at 10 and 2 o’clock as opposed to 12 o’clock. A lot of them wind up with leg injuries simply because their bodies are not designed to stand let alone run with such suboptimally positioned legs.

With a dedicated Posture Exercises Method practice, your body will gravitate to its natural position, helping you remove so many chronic pain causes in the first place!

Why the Posture Exercises Method Can Help You Triumph Over Chronic Pain Symptoms by Fixing Chronic Pain Causes

The Posture Exercises Method is founded on lessons from a postural-alignment institute and leading-edge independent posture specialists but supplemented with unique approaches from creator Brian Rossiter to give clients of all abilities the finest posture exercises experience.

With his longtime personal practice dating to 2010, Brian Rossiter has grown to qualify as an expert in a wide variety and great number of posture exercises. He has honed his special approach to posture exercises workouts by developing strategic movements and concepts that give clients a richer and more-beneficial experience than other posture therapists.

A posture coach and performance coach, Brian Rossiter enjoys working with people of all ages, from children to senior citizens. He can create routines teeming with very effective posture exercises, with routines built to match your abilities now and guide you in the direction of taking on more-challenging exercises farther along your recovery path.

With a Posture Exercises Method practice, you’ll get the best posture exercises for your body to help you correct chronic pain causes and chronic pain symptoms. Get your life back on track and do the things you love with your own Posture Exercises Method practice!

Invest in Yourself and Start Your Journey to a Pain-Free and High-Performance Life!

If you’re like most folks who explore the Posture Exercises Method, you’re tired of dealing with grueling chronic pain and a life full of limitations. You have the power to start feeling fantastic by embracing the Posture Exercises Method’s life-changing routines now.​

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