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Misalignment in our major joints—shoulders, hips, knees and ankles—affects our whole bodies, including the cardiovascular, digestive, immune, metabolic, nervous and respiratory systems. I believe everyone, from teens and amateur and professional athletes seeking an edge and experienced yogis to factory, office and store workers as well as sedentary grandparents, would benefit from practicing the Posture Exercises Method.

If you’d like to address questions specific to your case, I invite you to schedule a free 15-minute consultation with me at 4 p.m. or 4:15 p.m. (Eastern) Saturdays or Sundays.

Because the Posture Exercises Method is designed to help correct misalignment in our major joints and posture, it is helpful in reducing or even eliminating the symptoms of such health conditions as ankle pain, back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, cubital tunnel syndrome, headaches and migraines, hip pain, knee pain, neck pain, sciatica, shoulder pain and much more.

If your chronic pain condition is caused by musculoskeletal dysfunction, it is likely that the Posture Exercises Method can help reduce or eliminate pain symptoms.

I believe practically everyone is affected by some degree of misalignment in their major joints and posture, triggering compensation, limitation, functional loss and chronic pain in their bodies.

The Posture Exercises Method’s library of poses and movements is designed to realign your major joints—shoulders, hips, knees and ankles—with the goal of correcting posture and producing a pain-free body that is able to move freely and as nature intended. This exercise approach is built to address and correct causes of musculoskeletal dysfunction and not merely chase symptoms.

Although I had chiropractic treatment for several years while living with chronic pain, I would never recommend this form of treatment to anyone, having learned about the dark side of this work in an eye-opening book. Just as with chiropractic treatment, massage treatment doesn’t address and seek to fix causes of musculoskeletal dysfunction. Massage treatment is wonderful for very short-term pain relief, thanks to helping loosen tight muscles, but it will not lead you to enjoy living a pain-free and motion-rich lifestyle.

Yoga and Pilates are fantastic in that movement is involved, but these exercise programs aren’t designed to address and correct major-joint misalignment and suboptimal posture. Some exercises in these programs such as downward dog and tree pose are considered to be unsafe and even dangerous for those with moderate to extreme musculoskeletal dysfunction. The Posture Exercises Method, however, is safe for everyone and scales up in demand and intensity only when clients are ready for advanced poses and movements.

All Posture Exercises Method clients experience a change in their posture starting on their first day. Most clients report that they feel a decrease in pain symptoms in the earliest days of doing the Posture Exercises Method’s poses and movements. As the weeks and months roll on, most clients report significant reduction to even complete elimination of pain symptoms.

Posture Exercises Method routines can be designed to fit your schedule. Clients can see improvement by putting in as little as 20 minutes a day. Clients who experience the best results and truly make a Posture Exercises Method practice a lifestyle choice invest longer periods of time such as 30 to 50 minutes a day.

It’s my belief that we should exercise every day, and a Posture Exercises Method practice can serve as the cornerstone of your physical activity, providing advanced clients with a full-body workout and even opportunities to build increased muscle mass and strength quickly and efficiently.

Your engagement in Posture Exercises Method routines is for life, but only if you want to lead a pain-free, peak-performance life in a fully functional body every day. The Posture Exercises Method’s library of special exercises is wonderful for helping one correct and maintain posture and joint alignment, but it’s up to the client to stick with their exercises daily or practically daily for best results.

I have done my Posture Exercises Method routines for 98 percent of the days since April 2010 and every single day since September 2016. I vow to engage in my routines every day for the rest of my life because my life is all the better for this activity!

For new clients only, an initial session includes a posture and joint-alignment assessment with photographs, your first exercise routine and expert guidance on how to perform the exercises. You will receive written descriptions and images of each exercise. This session lasts as long as one-and-a-half to two hours. If you hadn’t scheduled a free consultation, you’ll have the opportunity to tell me about your pain symptoms. I’ll explain to you how the Posture Exercises Method can help you correct your posture and mitigate or eliminate pain symptoms.

For existing clients only, each supplemental session includes an additional exercise routine and expert guidance on how to perform the exercises and may include posture and joint-alignment assessment photographs. You will receive written descriptions and images of each exercise. These sessions last as long as one hour and may be ordered after having had an initial session.

Additionally, for existing clients only, packages of five or 10 supplemental sessions encompass five or 10 exercise routines and some posture and joint-alignment assessment photographs. All sessions include expert guidance on how to perform the exercises. You will receive written descriptions and images of each exercise. All sessions last as long as one hour and may be ordered after having had an initial session. These packages, which must be paid in full at the time of purchase, save you $75 or $250 off the total cost of sessions purchased individually! Packages of five or 10 supplemental sessions are worthwhile investments in pain relief and peak performance in the short- and long-term future. Plus, you may share these sessions with family and friends, as long as they’ve had a separate initial session!

For new or existing clients, a personalized single routine of stretches and gentle exercises will be provided after posture photographs are provided by the client. You will receive written descriptions and images of each exercise. This option is for self-starters, those on tight budgets or those with busy schedules who would like to experience the Posture Exercises Method without having one-on-one sessions by video chat or in person. Initial and supplemental sessions, featuring one-on-one verbal communication on exercise nuances and form suggestions as the client is taken through his or her exercise routines, offer the best results.

The number of sessions clients will need to regain proper design function of their bodies varies depending on their conditions and the severity of the conditions, but most will enjoy significant improvement after several sessions, each of which may introduce increasingly demanding stretches and exercises, as the body “holds” its enhanced posture for longer time periods. One must understand that it took a long time for the body to become dysfunctional and that it can take some time for the body to heal.

It is recommended that clients schedule sessions weekly to solidify their commitment to their Posture Exercises Method practice, to ensure they’re performing stretches and exercises correctly, to maximize their capacity for improving posture and alignment, and to put themselves on the fast track to healing and enjoying a functional body and peak performance! Consider that just one in five American adults meet the Centers for Disease Control’s aerobic physical and muscle-strengthening activity guidelines. Building a regular Posture Exercises Method practice into your routine is a key to success!

Ultimately, the goal is for you to become a Posture Exercises Method master, with your knowing how to take care of your body! The more sessions you have, the more stretches and exercises you will be introduced to and practice. In time, you’ll develop a keen sense of which stretches and exercises make you feel best and which are needed before and/or after specific activities. Even when a person experiences pain relief and marked improvement in posture and function, supplemental sessions—two to four a year—are helpful in ensuring continued progress, especially if one’s activity changes. Being on top of your body’s changes is key to achieving peak performance.

During video sessions, we’ll meet at our scheduled session time using Google Meet, a platform everyone can access even without having a Google, or Gmail, account. You can use a laptop computer, tablet or mobile phone during our video sessions, but laptop computers, because of their having a hinge, making it possible to easily hold and point your camera, work best.

Video sessions are ideal for three key reasons.

First, I’ll be able to see you in the space you’ll be using to do your Posture Exercises Method routines. This is helpful so we both can be certain there are no obstructions such as baseboard and chair rail, which prevent you from having access to a purely flat wall.

Second, I’ll be able to see the equipment you plan to use. Some clients choose not to invest in equipment in their early going, and I can provide guidance on whether this temporary equipment is up to snuff.

Third, there are no travel expenses connected to video sessions. Years ago, health seekers pursuing alternative treatments used to hop on planes and travel across the country or world. (I know a natural health practitioner who still sees patients flying in globally for hands-on treatment.) By utilizing video technology, you can learn Posture Exercises Method routines from the comfort of your home with no travel expenses.

Many clients choose to invest in a limited amount of equipment such as straps, foam blocks and a wooden tower and slantboard to give themselves the best opportunity to experience success. Others get by using pillows or couch cushions and chairs or ottomans. My full rig cost about $375. Because of supply-chain issues since 2020, costs have increased about 50 percent, however.

Those who invest in this equipment are truly investing in themselves. It’s a worthwhile investment, all believe, as long as they are committed to making improvement in their bodies.

Brian Rossiter is available for initial and supplemental Posture Exercises Method sessions to provide one-on-one instruction on the following days and time blocks (Eastern). Initial sessions are booked for two-hour time blocks although might require only 90 minutes, and supplemental sessions are booked for one-hour time blocks. All sessions are booked at the top of the hour.


Some insurance companies, especially those with flexible spending accounts, may cover Posture Exercises Method sessions as corrective exercise therapy, but this is a matter for clients to consult with their insurance companies about. Please don’t let a lack of insurance coverage be the tipping point for your decision on whether to pursue a Posture Exercises Method practice. I suffered from chronic pain for 10 years, trying traditional physical therapy, chiropractic and massage sessions, and found my answer in the special posture exercises that make up the Posture Exercises Method.

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