Chronic Pain Exercise Can Reduce or Eliminate Pain Symptoms

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Are you experiencing chronic pain such as shoulder pain, hip pain, knee pain, ankle pain or sciatica and seeking chronic pain exercise as a way to heal?

Are you exploring how effective chronic pain exercise can be in trying to resolve chronic pain symptoms affecting your or a loved one’s body?

As someone who, at first, reduced back pain, neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and cubital tunnel syndrome symptoms and then completely eliminated these debilitating chronic pain symptoms, I am a testament to how wonderfully effective chronic pain exercises can be for a person willing to show up for themselves with a daily posture exercises practice.

Let’s break down how chronic pain exercise, specifically posture exercises such as the kinds of specially designed poses, stretches and movements in the Posture Exercises Method can deliver impactful and positive changes in the state of your well-being.

What Is Chronic Pain Exercise?

Chronic pain exercise is a broad-based term to describe exercises that may be effective in helping folks reduce or even eliminate chronic pain symptoms. Chronic pain is labeled pain lasting beyond 12 weeks, and it affects 20 percent of adults, according to a study published on the U.S. National Library of Medicine website.

Whereas some exercises might be effective in getting the heart pumping and/or strengthening specific muscle groups, chronic pain exercise refers to exercises that might offer solutions to dealing with even a wide range of chronic pain symptoms.

Chronic pain symptoms affect billions of people across the world every day. These symptoms include chronic ankle pain, back pain, hip pain, knee pain, neck pain and shoulder pain as well as conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, cubital tunnel syndrome, headaches and migraines, and sciatica.

Discover What Makes the Posture Exercises Method So Effective in Eliminating Chronic Pain

Powerful and specially designed posture exercises target all the causes of compensation, limitation, functional loss and chronic pain that might affect your body, producing symptoms from neck pain and back pain all the way to knee pain and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Posture Exercises Are Chronic Pain Exercises That Can Alleviate Chronic Pain

If you’re seeking chronic pain exercise as a way to combat nagging or incapacitating chronic pain symptoms, I strongly recommend you pursue posture exercises as your chronic pain treatment option.

Posture exercises are specially designed exercises that are incredibly effective in correcting misalignment in the body’s eight load-bearing joints. You see, the misalignment of your shoulders, hips, knees and ankles may very well be responsible for your chronic pain conditions in the first place. When these major joints do not line up according to the body’s natural design, posture suffers, and the body tends to experience compensation, limitation, functional loss and, ultimately, chronic pain.

Posture exercises such as the potent exercises in the Posture Exercises Method can help correct joint misalignment and posture. The result is, chronic pain tends to dial down in intensity or vanish altogether.

Posture Exercises Offer Unrivaled Exercise for Chronic Pain

When I suffered from chronic pain, from 2000 to 2010, my health and quality of life took a major hit. A thread throughout my professional career has been my writing and editing work, built on heavy computer use. In my free time during this decade, I immersed myself in arts projects, including songwriting and music production as well as photography, filmography and slideshow and video production, also calling for long hours of computer use.

To manage chronic pain, I pursued a range of chronic pain treatment options, including traditional physical therapy, a form of chronic pain exercise. My experience is that this kind of exercise for chronic pain doesn’t address all the many causes of my chronic pain symptoms. Because of this limitation in the scope of traditional physical therapy, my chronic pain symptoms didn’t improve much at all and ate away at me for years to come.

In 2010, I pursued posture exercises and found the solution I had desired for a decade. From my first day of doing these posture exercises, I found that this exercise for chronic pain went to work on correcting the position and alignment of my shoulders, hips, knees and ankles as well as improving my overall posture.

Day by day, week by week and month by month, my body’s major-joint alignment and posture improved. I became stronger and moved with a sense of presence and joy, and my breathing and digestion abilities went to a higher level.

Exercise for chronic pain - woman doing lunge pose - Posture Exercises Method

Posture Exercises Are Effective and Peerless Exercises for Chronic Back Pain and Other Chronic Pain Conditions

Back pain is one kind of chronic pain condition that affects people more than most other kinds of symptoms. In fact, lower-back pain is known to be the leading musculoskeletal issue worldwide, resulting in the top global cause of years lived with disability, according to a Global Burden of Disease study.

People pursue all kinds of back pain treatment and back pain relief options, with many never escaping the crippling hold of back pain symptoms. The reality is, most back pain treatment options aren’t very effective because they fail to target back pain causes. Resultingly, some experience only minimal back pain symptom improvement, with others not feeling better at all.

I suffered from brutal back pain for a decade, and, just months after launching a practically daily practice of doing the poses, stretches and movements that are part of the Posture Exercises Method, my back pain disappeared. Since late 2010, months after embarking on my posture exercises healing journey, I have not suffered from chronic back pain—or chronic neck pain or carpal tunnel syndrome or cubital tunnel syndrome.

I believe that the Posture Exercises Method offers a chronic pain exercise solution for all those seeking true, lasting and effective exercises for chronic back pain and other chronic pain conditions.

Why the Posture Exercises Method Can Give You the Finest Posture Exercises Experience

Constructed from the ground up to give clients the best chronic pain exercise experience, the Posture Exercises Method is based on the tenets of a postural-alignment institute and leading-edge independent posture specialists but invigorated by original thinking from creator Brian Rossiter.

Brian Rossiter is educated in hundreds of posture exercises and has developed strategic new movements in forging his own unique and revolutionary approach to posture exercises.

A posture coach and performance coach, Brian Rossiter is proficient at working with clients of all ages, from children to senior citizens, and physical capabilities. He can write routines containing highly effective posture exercises that can be scaled to suit your abilities in the present moment while ensuring you are on track to take on more-challenging exercises farther down your healing road.

With a Posture Exercises Method practice, you’ll get the best posture exercises and chronic pain exercises so you’ll be in position to achieve pain relief and peak performance in everything you do in life. Get your life back and do all the things you love while exploring forms of physical activity new to you with a Posture Exercises Method practice!

Invest in Yourself and Start Your Journey to a Pain-Free and High-Performance Life!

If you’re like most folks who explore the Posture Exercises Method, you’re tired of dealing with grueling chronic pain and a life full of limitations. You have the power to start feeling fantastic by embracing the Posture Exercises Method’s life-changing routines now.​

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Share This Story to Help Loved Ones Enjoy Pain-Free & High-Performance Lives

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