The Best Back Pain Exercises

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Are you looking for the best back pain exercises?

Back pain can cause you to shout nasty words, drop to your knees, rub your achy back muscles and upend your day. Back pain can even leave you stuck in bed for several days, cause you to miss important events, sideline you from your job and, ultimately, get in the way of living the life you want to live.

For many reasons, back pain qualifies as a major health condition affecting perhaps billions of men, women and children around the world every single day.

Let’s explore the whole of back pain, from symptoms, conditions and causes to treatment, relief, stretches and exercises in the form of the Posture Exercises Method that can help make a big difference in your or a loved one’s life.

You’ll come away with an understanding of what the best back pain exercises are to help you make an informed decision about treatment options.

Back Pain Symptoms

Back pain symptoms are numerous and various. Some may feel shooting pain in their upper back, middle back and/or lower back resulting from muscle or ligament strains that surfaces with different movements or even static positions such as while standing, seated or lying.

Some may suffer from bulging or ruptured disks, with herniated disks a common condition name. What is not commonly known about misplaced disks is that muscles, which forced disks out of place, can put back disks back into place with no surgery required.

Finally, scoliosis, arthritis and osteoporosis are advanced back pain symptoms, with the latter two tending to affect older people.

The best back pain exercises, which will be covered later, can help reduce or even eliminate back pain symptoms.

Discover What Makes the Posture Exercises Method So Effective in Eliminating Chronic Pain

Powerful and specially designed posture exercises target all the causes of compensation, limitation, functional loss and chronic pain that might affect your body, producing symptoms from neck pain and back pain all the way to knee pain and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Back Pain Conditions

Just as with back pain symptoms, back pain conditions are numerous and various. These back pain conditions can involve a mixture of the cervical (neck), thoracic (middle back) and lumbar (lower back) spine regions.

When reading the following list, keep in mind that the human spine is designed as an elongated curve in the shape of an “S.” Gentle sloping “S” curves are located in the cervical and lumbar regions.

  • Flat back is a back pain condition involving a flattened, or flexed, lumbar spine exhibiting practically no spinal curvature.
  • Lordosis is caused by extreme lumbar spine curvature and is often accompanied by a forward-facing pelvic tilt.
  • Swayback involves a forward pelvic tilt with pronounced leaning of the trunk region.
  • Thoracic offset is a common back condition in which the middle- and upper-back regions shift from their natural centered position.
  • Thoracic flexion, which generally goes by kyphosis, constitutes excessive rounding of the thoracic spine and trunk. Shoulder rotation is common among those affected by this back condition.
  • Thoracic rotation comprises one side of the thoracic spine’s rotation in front of the other side. This highly common back pain condition also involves the rotation of a shoulder, arm and hand in many people.
  • Trunk flexion qualifies as a forward lean of the trunk that stems from the waist.

Back Pain Causes

Back pain causes can be acute or chronic. Back pain can pop up instantly based on short-term stresses such as from lifting or twisting and can also develop based on prolonged suboptimal back position while sitting or standing, among other activities.

It’s important to know that, many times, isolated stresses can result in chronic back pain. Practically everyone can name a family member or friend who has faced difficulty with back pain symptoms ever since a specific incident such as moving boxes or shoveling snow.

Additionally, engaging in a suboptimal back position can lead to chronic back pain over a few months to a few years. After some acute back injuries and without the best back pain exercises, the body may develop compensation, limitation, functional loss and chronic pain, with the latter taking hold farther down the road after the initial injury.

Chronic back pain is often caused by the misalignment of the load-bearing joints—shoulders, hips, knees and ankles—which produces suboptimal posture. This misalignment and poor posture can trigger pressure and stress in the back. For the overwhelming majority of people, the pelvis and/or hip joints initially go out of alignment, generating multiple posture deviations in bodily regions up, down and across the body.

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Back Pain Treatment

Back pain is highly prevalent, and back pain treatment can cost a pretty penny. Lower-back pain is recognized as the top musculoskeletal issue globally and the top worldwide cause of years lived with disability, a Global Burden of Disease study published in 2017 notes. This lower-back pain is also linked to the leading cause of activity limitation and work absenteeism.

After headaches and abdominal pain, back pain and lower-back pain, together, comprise the web’s most-researched pain condition, according to a study published on the U.S. National Library of Medicine’s website.

Lower-back pain tends to impact a quarter of Americans in the previous three months, according to U.S. Centers for Disease Control data. Back pain affects as much as 80 percent of adults during their lifetimes, a 2007 study indicates. Moreover, back pain is the third-leading reason for Americans to visit a doctor’s office, accounting for a quarter of cases, another study shows.

Finally, combined with neck pain costs, lower-back pain costs totaled a whopping $134 billion in 2016, making it the health condition that generated the most spending, according to a Journal of the American Medical Association study. These costs can involve spending on pain pills, braces, chiropractic treatment, massage therapy, back pain exercises and even back surgery, whose costs can get into the $100,000 range.

By comparison, an initial Posture Exercises Method session and package of 10 supplemental sessions, delivering the best back pain exercises, costs a mere $1,620 and can produce supreme results.

Back Pain Relief

It’s no secret that back pain relief is sought after by billions around the world every single day. Many pursue a range of options but never experience true and long-lasting back pain relief because almost all back pain treatments address only pain symptoms without ever addressing chronic back pain root causes.

Yes, you and loved ones can experience and benefit from true and long-lasting back pain relief, but it is important to choose to pursue a treatment option that not only addresses but corrects chronic back pain root causes.

Let’s explore back pain stretches and back pain exercises as well as the Posture Exercises Method’s unique offerings in providing the best back pain exercises.

Back Pain Stretches

Some back pain stretches can help relieve back pain temporarily.

It is only specific kinds of back pain stretches, however, that do more than relieve back pain temporarily. These specific kinds of back pain stretches can help you enjoy back pain relief for longer time periods as long as you practice them regularly, with daily exercise delivering the best results.

Back Pain Exercises

Just as with back pain stretches, some back pain exercises can offer temporary improvement in back pain symptoms.

But if you’re looking for back pain exercises to help reduce or even eliminate the chronic back pain from which you might suffer, it is posture exercises that pack the most power because they treat the body as a single interconnected unit and work to help correct contributing factors to back pain.

These contributing factors include the alignment of the major joints—shoulders, hips, knees and ankles—and posture.

The best back pain exercises, which are truly a specific kind of posture exercises, can reduce or eliminate other nagging health conditions such as ankle pain, hip pain, knee pain, neck pain and shoulder pain as well as other chronic pain conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, cubital tunnel syndrome, headaches and migraines, and sciatica.

At their heart, posture exercises have the potential to address and help correct chronic back pain root causes.

Why the Posture Exercises Method Delivers the Best Back Pain Exercises and Back Pain Relief

Designed to correct the causes of back pain and other kinds of chronic pain, the Posture Exercises Method is highly effective for most clients in providing substantial treatment for back pain. The Posture Exercises Method may enable you to reduce back pain symptoms or eliminate them entirely, as has been the case for posture coach Brian Rossiter, who’s committed himself to practicing posture exercises practically daily since April 2010 and every day since September 2016. He has not experienced any chronic back pain since autumn 2010 and is convinced these exercises are the best back pain exercises.

The robust Posture Exercises Method library contains a mixture of stationary and relaxed poses as well as energetic movements that get your heart moving and blood pumping. All Posture Exercises Method routines can be built to serve clients young and old and with special care and attention to their present physical condition. These routines of powerful posture exercises can be scaled to suit your physical abilities, helping you build strength throughout your body, improve your major-joint alignment and enhance your posture so you can manage exercises that are more challenging as you progress.

The Posture Exercises Method is designed to help you achieve pain relief and peak performance in all you do. Get your life back and do the things you love with your Posture Exercises Method practice!

Invest in Yourself and Start Your Journey to a Pain-Free and High-Performance Life!

If you’re like most folks who explore the Posture Exercises Method, you’re tired of dealing with grueling chronic pain and a life full of limitations. You have the power to start feeling fantastic by embracing the Posture Exercises Method’s life-changing routines now.​

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