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Brian Rossiter is a posture trainer and performance coach who has immersed himself into the worlds of posture exercises and natural health since 2010. He earned a postural alignment specialist certificate from Egoscue Institute in 2016 and has gone on to learn from leading-edge posture therapists while developing his own unique brand of posture exercises, called the Posture Exercises Method.

Brian Rossiter offered Posture Exercises Method services on another website he owns from 2016 to 2021 before launching PostureExercisesMethod.com, a website dedicated solely to this work, in November 2021.

Helping Clients Get the Best in Chronic Pain Relief and Peak Performance

Brian Rossiter is able to help clients achieve chronic pain relief and peak performance by working to correct major-joint alignment and posture. Unlike most or all other posture trainers, Brian Rossiter strategically combines some posture exercises to maximize clients’ time and results as well as is able to offer advanced clients a full-body workout and provide guidance to advanced clients desiring increased muscle mass and strength on how to make gains quickly and efficiently.

Brian Rossiter has worked with dozens of clients—from children to adults in their 70s—across the United States and around the world since 2016, helping them achieve chronic pain relief and peak performance in all they do, from engaging in everyday activities to leveling up athletically.

invest in Yourself and Start Your Journey to a Pain-Free and High-Performance Life!

If you’re like most folks who explore the Posture Exercises Method, you’re tired of dealing with grueling chronic pain and a life full of limitations. You have the power to start feeling fantastic by embracing the Posture Exercises Method’s life-changing routines now.​

Brian Rossiter Eliminated Chronic Back and NEck Pain Plus Carpal and Cubital Tunnel Syndromes

By committing to a practically daily posture exercises practice, Brian Rossiter eliminated chronic back pain and neck pain as well as carpal tunnel syndrome and cubital tunnel syndrome. All this brutally intense chronic pain affected him from 2000 to 2010, affecting his ability to work a full-time job and pursue hobbies such as songwriting on guitar and music recording production along with photography and slideshow and video production.

All the compensation, limitation, functional loss and chronic pain Brian Rossiter experienced in his body had prevented him from doing the things he loved and leading the life he wanted.

Brian Rossiter pursued a mixture of chiropractic treatment and massage therapy from 2005 to 2010 after trying traditional physical therapy earlier in the decade. None of these well-worn paths could help him resolve his chronic pain symptoms, as they all focus on addressing symptoms without ever exploring and correcting the causes that contributed to these symptoms in the first place.

Brian Rossiter's Joint Misalignment Caused His Chronic Pain Conditions

Brian Rossiter was led to posture exercises by a friend, and on his first session date, April 17, 2010, he experienced a powerful shift in his posture, standing straighter, temporarily, than he ever had in his life of 32 years and understood clearly what was causing the debilitating chronic pain symptoms from which he had suffered for a decade.

His pelvis was tilted backward and hips were misaligned, with his right hip angling forward, in front of his left hip. His femurs and knees turned inward while his feet splayed outward, positioned several inches farther apart from the optimal hip width. Along with a back that showed virtually no semblance of the elongated “S” curve and neck that jutted forward, Brian Rossiter’s shoulders were severely rounded forward, especially his right shoulder, which slumped a whopping 2 inches below his left shoulder. In the half-year leading to his first posture exercises session, Brian Rossiter also suffered from vertigo when standing and walking, a result of his tech neck, or forward head posture.

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Brian Rossiter Experienced a Remarkable Recovery From CHronic Pain Symptoms Through a Practically Daily Posture Exercises Practice

From April 2010 to the present day, Brian Rossiter has showed up for himself by doing posture exercises 98 percent of the days. As his chronic pain symptoms reduced and then completely vanished, after several months of practice, he became hooked on the positive feelings his posture exercises instilled in him in the moment and throughout the day as well as helping set up a better tomorrow. Combined with a revolutionary Fruit-Powered diet, he felt practically invincible.

Brian Rossiter has done posture exercises routines every day since September 2016, signing an invisible contract about 18 months later with the commitment to show up for himself every day by doing posture exercises. He also has enjoyed the fruits of out-of-the-box thinking, which has helped him reimagine and elevate his approach to posture exercises from other schools of thought and, with relentless experimentation, he has achieved ever-greater results.

Brian Rossiter has learned how to train his body to achieve extraordinary, jaw-dropping results and is convinced his insights could benefit even world-class athletes wanting to build amplified muscles while improving joint alignment and enhanced posture. He has trained himself to be able to do more than 300 push-ups, all with his legs raised 18 inches, in just 150 seconds, after discovering, through experimentation, the secrets to building additional muscle mass in just a few minutes a day.

Brian Rossiter Intends to Be Forever Young, Thanks to His Daily Posture Exercises Method Practice

At 44 years young, Brian Rossiter is able to compete athletically against perennial all-star high school athletes about one-third his age. He strongly believes in the power of engaging in Posture Exercises Method routines daily to feel fantastic and aligned physically, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually.

After more than a decade of posture exercises practice, Brian Rossiter still doesn’t know which is sweeter: that he eliminated chronic pain by his own doing, that he feels so good living in the present day or that he knows he will continue to feel so good well into the future—even at age 100—with continued practice.

Brian Rossiter brings his unrivaled commitment to and energy for posture exercises to clients’ sessions with the goal of illuminating and inspiring them as they embark on their healing journeys with the Posture Exercises Method.

Now that you know about me, isn’t it time I get to know you during your initial session?

invest in Yourself and Start Your Journey to a Pain-Free and High-Performance Life!

If you’re like most folks who explore the Posture Exercises Method, you’re tired of dealing with grueling chronic pain and a life full of limitations. You have the power to start feeling fantastic by embracing the Posture Exercises Method’s life-changing routines now.​

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